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Decamycin Injection (Dexamethasone) - 4mg/ml (10ml) Image1



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Decamycin Injection (Dexamethasone) is a potent corticosteroid used as an anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressant agent in many acute disorders affecting the organs and body. It works by affecting the lymphatic system.

Brand Name : Decamycin
Active Ingredients : Dexamethasone
Manufacturer : Ranbaxy
Country of Origin : India
Intended Patient : Unisex
Decamycin Injection (Dexamethasone) - 4mg/mL (10mL) Decamycin Injection (Dexamethasone) - 4mg/ml (10ml) Image1
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Decamycin Injection (Dexamethasone) is a potent corticosteroid used as an anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressant agent in many acute disorders affecting the organs and body. It works by affecting the lymphatic system. Although glucocorticoids are commonly used to treat adrenocortical deficiency, this particular medicine exhibits a low amount of mineralocorticoid action and for this reason, it is normally not the first choice for this use. Because this particular form of the medicine is injected, physicians consider it useful in cases where orally administered medicines are not ideal.

This medicine affects the inflammatory response triggered in many autoimmune disorders. By affecting the way in which certain proteins are synthesized (such as leukotrienes, PAF and prostaglandins) and acting in the liver to affect the metabolism of fats, proteins and carbohydrates, it can alter the way the body responds to stress and the immune system`s response. This is significant, as many disorders treated by this medicine cause inflammation due to chemicals released by the immune system. It also blocks the movement of lymphocytes (blood cells) into the body tissue, which helps to alleviate and reduce acute inflammation.

Indications include endocrine disorders (however, physicians may need to use it alongside other medicines when treating this condition), certain forms of thyroiditis, collagen diseases, multiple sclerosis, myasthenia gravis (a condition which causes the muscles to become weak) and trichinosis. Use on a short term basis for acute symptoms of osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, bursitis and other related conditions is also common. Allergies, asthma, skin disorders, cerebral edema, some forms of cancer and a wide range of conditions not listed here are also treated with it.

Dosage and Administration

The administration of Decamycin Injection (Dexamethasone) will be the responsibility of a physician. It is generally given by means of an IM, IV or IA injection, and the particular medical disorder that the patient is suffering from will be the deciding factor when determining the injection method and dosage. Your current weight may also affect the necessary dosage. In some cases, patients treating acute inflammation may be treated with anything from 0.2mg to 6mg, with a gap ranging from 3 days to 3 weeks in between each dosage. However, the severity of the inflammation and the size of the joint in question will be taken into account when your physician is deciding the correct dosage.

Adults affected by other conditions (such as asthma, mountain sickness and shock) may require alternative dosage schedules, and in some cases, the physician may decide to split the daily administration into 2 to 4 separate doses. Discontinuing treatment could lead to myalgia, tiredness and other withdrawal symptoms, and slow cessation of treatment may be needed. This means that the physician may taper the dosage at regular intervals, reducing it gradually over a set period of time so as to avoid the negative effects caused by abrupt cessation.

Side effects

Corticosteroid treatment by means of Decamycin Injection (Dexamethasone) may lead to side effects, such as:

  • Appetite changes
  • Hair reduction on the scalp
  • Redness visible on the face
  • Alterations in the location of body fat
  • Skin color which is lighter in appearance

Make sure that you check with the physician treating you if side effects occur. Some of the reactions may disappear during the course of treatment and you may also be given advice on how to lessen certain side effects. If you experience aggressive behavior, reduced urination, sore eyes, pain in the abdomen, coughing or any other serious side effects, consult your physician immediately.


Decamycin Injection (Dexamethasone) can weaken and reduce the function of the immune system, leaving you vulnerable to infections. You must stay out of contact with people suffering from contagious illnesses.

If this injection is administered into the joints, notify your physician if the pain and inflammation becomes worse.

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